Very Simple and Loving – Option 1

I welcome you now to this place in Hawaii and this very meaningful time of your life. I am honored to officiate this day, and I invite you to focus carefully and thoughtfully on the words that follow.

We are here today to celebrate and honor the unique and special relationship you have found and nurtured in each other … And to witness the commitment you are willing to make toward a richer and fuller life together because of that discovery.

The essence of this commitment is the taking of another person in “unconditional love” as—friend, companion, encourager, lover, and trusted confidant. It is a decision which inspires elevated consideration and respect for both the other person and as well as yourself. It is not coincidence that brought you here today, but a deep inner bond that informs and fills your lives.

Your marriage reflects your soul’s desire to continue a journey already begun…to experience love, joy, life and growth as husband and wife.

Marriage symbolizes the intimate sharing of two lives — yet it is a sharing that does not diminish, rather it enhances the uniqueness of each partner.

You will find in each other things that compliment your life and also things that you do not understand. You will experience great joys, and occasionally, there will be challenges.

So let us remember that…As you are open and receptive…As you focus on what is right between you…As time goes by, your trust in each other will deepen, and you will both grow closer as you share in the joy of a lifetime of new experiences together.

Continuing growth is a great adventure, and it requires — LOVE—FAITH—STRENGTH—TRUST—DEDICATION, and most of all…A POSITIVE, WILLING MIND and HEART.

Deep knowledge of another and sincere understanding of the other’s thoughts and feelings develop more fully with each added year of intimacy and growth.

True love is selfless, faithful, and most importantly, is accepting and forgiving. This requires a great deal of courage, self- awareness and willingness.

Optional for any ceremony (close eyes)Groom and Bride, before your vows…with these thoughts present in your mind, I am going to ask that you close your eyes for a moment…and while listening to the sounds of life all around you…turn within and reflect silently and meaningfully on this marriage commitment you are making today…and about the special purposes in your lives for which this union is being established.