Your Kauai Wedding with a Few Family and Friends ~

What could be better than your favorite mix of guests at your Kauai Wedding?

Whether it’s your family of origin, your “family of choice” (or a mix of both), it’s fabulous to share your wedding on Kauai with your loved ones at one of the beautiful places on earth.

There are about as many scenarios as there are families and friends:

  • You plan your wedding and honeymoon and invite family and/or friends to come to Kauai.
  • Your family is coming to Kauai for vacation and you are getting married so it’s a perfect time and place.
  • You and your partner and friends are coming to Kauai for your wedding (and for some play time).
  • You have children (small or grown) and they can share your wedding with you on Kauai.
  • You are blending a family from previous relationships.
  • It’s an ideal (and natural place) for everyone to come together in Hawaii, on Kauai!


Poipu Kauai Wedding“Our people” come in all shapes and sizes, mixes and blends.  And, whatever your mix of people, it’s your wedding to share with whomever  you wish.

People love to come to Kauai… and your wedding gives them the perfect reason.

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