From the Hawaii Marriage License application to the appointment with the Marriage Licensing Agent…

Let me walk you through the process step by step… It’s easy!   Here’s the short version:

1. Decide on your officiant (it is also possible to select your officiant after you apply for your marriage license).


2.  Apply for the Hawaii Marriage License:  ($65 fee)  Apply here


3. See a Marriage License Agent on Kauai to have your marriage license or civil union issued (List of  Marriage License Agents provided when you apply for the license or I’ll send you an email with the agent closest to you.)


4. Bring the Marriage License Worksheet to your officiant either at a pre-meeting or the wedding ceremony and I will complete the final filing afterward!

Simple, yes?  It is!!!


HAWAII MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATION TIP: The location, date and even officiant name can be edited by your wedding performer after the ceremony when your final details are entered into the system – so if there’s a change of location or date… no worries… the officiant can correct that when the final version is entered.

Here is the more detailed version if you have additional questions:

1. If you have already chosen your marriage officiant performer, go to the State of Hawaii Department of Health website here and fill out the Marriage Application Form ($65 fee).  You will see a drop down menu and you can click on your marriage performer’s last name to fill in the slot. (Those of us who are registered to file online are listed although it’s not always easy to find in the name list.)  If you don’t see it or haven’t booked the officiant, you can leave it blank to be filled in later.

When you get to the date, or the location or other info about the ceremony (other than your personal details) you can leave it blank if you are not sure and either the licensing agent or the marriage performer can fill it in later (even after the ceremony).  When you fill out the form, if a spouse is changing their name, it will allow you to fill in “name after marriage”.  This marriage application is good for one year.

2. You will be given a list of Licensing Agents and their contact information for the island you where you will get married.  Then, a few weeks before your anticipated wedding date, make an appointment for both of you to see the agent (you will need I.D.’s).   The License Agents only charge a small cash fee (usually $5).

Often couples like to make that appointment in the area where they will be staying on Kauai or for the day when they fly into Lihue.  I can give you a current list of agents in our phone or email communications.  (Please Note:  The Hawaii Marriage License Agent is different from the officiant (aka marriage performer) – the agent will actually issue your license that you have previously applied for online for you to bring to the officiant at your pre-meeting or ceremony.)

KAUAI HAWAII MARRIAGE LICENSE AGENT TIP:  It is smart to make the appointment before you arrive here if you want to get married soon after arriving on island as the agents do get busy. (Having said that, you can usually find an agent on short notice even though you may have to drive to another part of the island.)  The Hawaii Marriage License, once issued, is good for 30 days. (Note, this is different from the original application that is good for one year – the actual license worksheet, once issued by the agent, is good for 30 days).  You will be given a Marriage License Worksheet which you will bring to your wedding or civil union and give to the marriage performer.

3. After the ceremony, your Kauai marriage performer will enter the final details of the ceremony into the State of Hawaii’s online site under their personalized authorized area and about 2-3 working days later, you will be able to go back to the site with the Locater No. given to you by the Licensing agent and download a temporary marriage certificate until your original final marriage certificate arrives in the mail.

Once you have applied for the marriage license, you will see how centralized the system is.

At any point during your planning process, you can book your marriage performer (either before or after you fill out the marriage application). It is often easier to book beforehand as your officiant can guide you if you have questions and can often make suggestions on locations, licensing agents, etc., depending on your specific circumstances.

You can find other useful marriage license information at the State of Hawaii Dept. of Health.

What’s the difference in a wedding officiant, minister, or a marriage performer?

In the State of Hawaii, the officiants are required to be licensed as an ordained minister (which I am).  Even though I specialize in non-religious ceremonies, I have been ordained and I am qualified by the state to perform weddings. Officiants are also known in Hawaii as Hawaii Marriage Performers by the State of Hawaii. (Just in case you come across a number of different terms for the performer of your ceremony).  Often our “titles” are similar although the style or “belief” might change – You might run into titles such as: Ordained Hawaii minister, Reverend, Marriage Performer, Justice of the Peace and Celebrant. Hawaii does not have the “Justice of the Peace” title for marriage performers.

Sometimes folks say they just want to go to the court house, and get married by a Kauai Judge in a civil ceremony, which might not be your best choice.  Here’s why:

You are in Kauai – one of the most beautiful places on earth!   Why not choose a lovely location and background for your wedding?  And, it’s not always that simple… you can’t just go to the court house without an appointment and the Judge will have to have room on his/her schedule. Not to mention, there’s more intimacy, personal warmth and an actual wedding ceremony prepared for you when working with an officiant.

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