Kauai Wedding Officiant Services and Pricing 

Your officiant is the single most needed and important person besides you (the couple) during your ceremony.  

After all, this is your wedding!!!

For me:

  • I welcome everyone!
  • I include the beach permit (I’m insured and approved by the Dept. Land & Natural Resources to obtain your beach permit). 
  • I am a rapid responder to your inquiries.
  • I do everything I can to be honest, forthright and make reasonable suggestions based upon my knowledge and experience.
  • I strive to make your actual ceremony what you want.
  • The only additional charges that you may incur is upon your request for services in addition to the actual planning and officiating of the ceremony~ for example, site fees, added vendors fees, etc.
  • Only in a few instances is there an additional travel fee, generally to remote and distant areas of Kauai.

Below is a service and price option that’s right for just about everyone:

Officiant Services Only ~

My fee for weddings and vow renewals is $350 (includes beach permit).**  A deposit of $150 holds the date for you.  

The balance is due either at the pre-meeting or on the day of the ceremony.  You may pay in full at the time of booking if you prefer.

This fee  includes:

1.  Guidance on how to apply for your Hawaii Marriage  License (for weddings)

2.  Listing of agents to see once you arrive on Kauai to have your marriage license issued

3.  Information and communication on beautiful ceremony locations

4.  Sample Ceremonies to choose from and/or use as template (a jumping off place) to create your personal ceremony

5.  Assistance in editing or customizing your ceremony making it unique to you as a couple

6.  Suggestions (if requested) for special vendors or other elements for your ceremony

7.  Pre-meeting at a mutually agreed upon place beforehand to get acquainted and complete ceremony details

8.  Permit for beach area (if beach is ceremony location)

9.  Of Course ~  The ceremony itself !!!  (Truly special attentive energy to make it wonderful for everyone, especially the both of you!)

10. Filing of your marriage license right afterward with the State of Hawaii Dept. of Health

The majority of my clients prefer a simple, non-religious ceremony on the beach or other special venue.  They do most of the planning and arranging for themselves and sometimes ask for suggestions on locations, photographers, florists, where to go to dinner afterward, etc.

While primarily focused on officiating at your ceremony, I’m happy to make referrals from my preferred vendors list (if requested).  You may choose what works best for your special day, your ceremony and your budget.   If you want me to arrange bookings, pick up flowers, or other planning details, then additional fees might apply (see “Mini-Wedding Coordination” option below).

Additional options include the “Simple Signing” (info below) and “Kamaaina / Local and Miliary” rates.

Are you planning a “Last Minute Kauai Wedding”?  Please contact me for availability and rates, which depend on the specific circumstances.  I’m happy to assist… we just need to organize quickly and get on it!


The Mini-Coordination Special ~

The fee for this varies, depending on your choices and circumstances.


My experience in event planning ranges from planning seminars, to gallery art exhibitions, to weddings and receptions.


Occasionally a couple requests a Kauai wedding planner or “Kauai wedding packages”. I provide coordinating on a case by case basis, depending on your needs and your budget. I generally don’t offer Kauai Wedding Packages, per se, as I find that these packages often have “cheesy” inclusions in their services, so I would rather custom to your taste with what you really want. In my view, “Custom” is King (or Queen, depending on your point of view)!


If you would like assistance with coordination, we can arrange a special fee, or agree on an hourly rate for extra planning.


Simple Signing ~

My fee for a simple signing is $150 


What is a simple signing?  You’ll meet with me at a mutually agreed upon location, generally a park or condo, etc.  This will be an area where no beach permit is required so this option does not include the beaches.  Generally, this a very casual document signing and doesn’t require special attire for the couple or the officiant.  You will already have your marriage license issued and we will have a brief ceremonial signing.  Of course, I will file the legal marriage license papers afterward.

Kamaaina / Local and Military Officiant Services ~

Please contact me directly for special rates.

BOOKING YOUR KAUAI WEDDING OFFICIANT TIP:  Sometimes you will see varied pricing for officiants.  Some seem to have a very low price.  For you to know:  Sometimes there are “hidden” or additional fees.  For example:  The beach permit.  Often the fee for the permit is not included in the bare bones price and is an additioinal $50-$75.  Also, most officiants do not offer a pre-meeting.  Some refuse same sex weddings.  Some insist on a religious slant. We each have are own styles and beliefs ~ and that’s fine… it’s what makes the world go ’round…. it’s up to you what you want…my suggestion would be to focus on a good fit for you, your value and your time, high quality,  and not bargains when selecting your officiant!

Whether you choose my Officiant Services for the full ceremony, or Mini-Coordination, or a Simple Signing ~ I’m sure we can co-create a ceremony that fits your imagination…because I love doing what I do and I’m sure you will be happy with the results.

Aloha, and I’ll be delighted to be your officiant!

Please contact me frieda@kauaiweddingofficiant.com or 808-482-1999 today