“Just the Two of Us” for our Kauai Destination Wedding!

Kauai WeddingJust the two of you ~ a current trend for couples getting married on Kauai

I hear it all the time ~ “It’s Just the Two of Us”.  All weddings are special.  When it’s the two of you, you have the most flexibility.  You get to decide when, where and how without having to cater to the often complex scheduling of groups of people (family and friends).  You get to really choose the type of wedding ceremony you want without feeling the need to please others’ expectations.

It becomes very easy to combine your wedding and your honeymoon and your vacation all in one trip.  It can save the expense of all the trappings of a larger wedding.

Really it’s not about leaving anyone out, it just becomes challenging to include family and friends who are scattered all over the country (and the world).  It’s not so easy (and sometimes not affordable) for loved ones to be able travel all at the same time.

Some couples just want to have a simple wedding ceremony.  Sometimes one (or both) of you have been married before.  There are so many reasons for you to have “Just the Two of Us” at your wedding ceremony, all justified.

You can have your own private dinner, just the two of you… and share your love with each other in a more personal manner.  The money you save on having a larger reception event with all the trappings will pay for your honeymoon!   To sweeten it even more, you will already be on your honeymoon, without having to travel again and it will be “just the two of you”.  You won’t need to feel like you have to entertain others or be with guests while on your honeymoon.

Kauai Beach WeddingMany times, couples will have a celebration or reception back home when it is better timing, more affordable, and easier for everyone to get together.  Think of it this way:  You can invite your family and friends to a celebration luncheon or dinner or whatever makes your happy.  Or you can have separate celebrations with different loved ones.  It’s all up to you!

Coordinating your “Just the Two of Us” wedding on Kauai is really easy.  All you need to do is book your officiant and select your ceremony vows, apply for your license online, see a license agent once your arrive on Kauai to get your license issued, and make arrangements with any other vendors you might want (flowers, photography, music).   I’m happy to make referrals for vendors if you desire it!

I would love to be your officiant!

Contact:  frieda@kauaiweddingofficiant.com or call 808-482-1999