Same Sex Kauai Weddings also known as Marriage Equality!  

Yep, of course you are welcome!!!

It feels strange to me to write this as a separate page…

Because marriage is marriage and same sex marriage doesn’t seem to need to be separated in conversation!  Having said that, I understand the history, equal rights journey and general all out effort it has taken to get us here. And, since it is so new… especially in the State of Hawaii (having been made legal on December 2, 2013) and because I want you to be able to find me, I think it’s reasonable to write a little about it.

First, let me say that when I refer to weddings and vow renewals throughout this website and in general, for that matter, it’s all inclusive for everyone!  So whatever you see on this website, if you are same sex, it’s for you too!  Whether you call it same sex marriage, or marriage equality, or same gender or gay marriage or gay wedding:

Everyone is welcome here!!!    Love is love and that’s all there is to it.

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Civil  unions are still available here and occasionally I even have a female/male choose a civil union as an option for their own personal reasons but for the most part, since same sex marriage is legal now, we don’t see as many civil unions in same sex commitment ceremonies anymore.

Long before civil unions were in place, we unofficially had “commitment ceremonies”.  And, that still is an option.  Not everyone opts for a legal marriage for their commitment ceremony for a variety of reasons…  yet couples do want to commit and vow their love to each other… so ceremony options can be quite varied.

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Just so you know where I stand, I was doing “commitment ceremonies” long before the law was passed.

Some couples have had commitment ceremonies in the past and now that same sex marriage is legal, they want to make their vows legal in an official marriage ceremony.

Since the passing of Marriage Equality in the State of Hawaii, from my experience and from my perspective, it has been seamless. The legal elements were in place already from the passing of the civil union law several years before.

The people here in Hawaii are gracious (and why wouldn’t they be?)…We are, after all, a “melting pot” of ethnicities from all over the world and most of us encompass inclusive views and, for the most part, a hefty dose of Aloha.

So feel welcome and safe here. All is good with the world in Kauai – it’s truly paradise!

My biggest questions are do your prefer “spouse”, or “partner” or “partners in life”, or “bride” or “groom”, etc. in our language for the ceremony!

So many couples that have been together for many, many years, even decades, tell me they never thought they would see this come to pass in their lifetime.  Very gratifying indeed!
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I’m grateful for the legal recognition of same sex unions and especially grateful to officiate the ceremony!

This Hawaii government website FAQ page might be of assistance:  click here

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