Sun and Sand – Option 4

We are gathered here in the sand, by the sea, to celebrate with _____ and ______, and the love you have for each other, with your desire to unite your lives in marriage.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty around us, to listen to the surf, to feel the warmth of the sun and to see the incredible colors of the earth, sea and sky.

Let us breathe in this beauty, let us fill our hearts with this majestic place and the spirit of love that surrounds us…so we may appreciate the love we are here to celebrate.

We want to acknowledge those who are not here present with us today ~ however they are with us in spirit.


The wisdom of the ancient Hawaiians offers a unique word for marriage – Ho’ao. The meanings of this word are:

To experience a partnership, to take care of, and to teach, and to illuminate and bring the light of spiritual insight to all problems and challenges. May your marriage in the sprit of “Ho’ao” continually reflect the light of truth, honor, respect, and unconditional love.

[Note: You will see the sand blending option that goes nicely with this ceremony listed under “Optional Additions”]