Humanistic Opening – Option 3

(Note: these first 3 paragraphs work well with any ceremony selection.)

We are gathered here today to join Groom and Bride in marriage. Love is life’s greatest treasure and to embrace it wholeheartedly in the here and now is one of the most life affirming experiences in life. What the two of you have is so good that you desire to spend the rest of your lives together.

So we have set aside this time, here in this beautiful setting, to make your relationship permanent and official, with the highest promises of love and devotion two people can make to each other.

The promises made here today will mingle with the gentle breeze, to be carried by the wind, to echo in the mountains, become absorbed into the earth, sea and sky, so that your marriage vows will follow you, wherever you go in life, as a constant sweet whisper of comfort and security.


Groom and Bride, today we are recognizing your special connection. You have similarities in your values, passions and personalities. This creates a rich foundation for your marriage; one based on genuine friendship, loyalty, humor, and the sense of well-being and acceptance you have when you’re together.

It’s not only your similarities, but your differences that you find attractive in each other. There may be features and qualities that are supplied by the other, making your relationship whole and balanced, opening up new possibilities for a richer future together than either of you could have separately.

The sharing of values, humor and affection, strengthen a marriage, and create an atmosphere, where unique personality traits are combined into a perfect balance, where collectively two people can achieve more fullness in their lives, because the joys are intensified by being shared, and sorrows are eased because of the support of the other.

A shared and secure commitment provides love and companionship, for someone with whom we can share in an intimate and trusting way all the hopes, joys, and dreams of life.