Hawaiian Style – Option Five

Welcome to this, your ALOHA day….. The day that you give your deepest ALOHA to each other.

Getting married, in Hawaii makes it natural to think of special concepts that have are important to the people of Hawaii. They are “aloha”, “ohana”, and “Ho’ao”.

“Aloha means the sharing of the breath of life between two people. Ha means to breathe. It is a caring term for “compassion” and “mercy”, for “kindness” and “charity”. Aloha reflects that all persons have value and worth, and it is used in many different ways to honor this idea. Aloha really means love.

The next sacred Hawaiian concept is that of “Ohana”, which comes from the word “oha” meaning “taro”. Ohana means “family”, and members of the “ohana”, like taro shoots, are seen as being from the same root. Therefore Ohana is the basis of our unity with each other. It reminds us we are part of a greater whole.

“Ohana” is also a sense of shared involvement, and shared responsibility. It is physical and emotional support…both given and received. It is solidarity, loyalty and cohesiveness.

Ho’ao – The wisdom of the ancient Hawaiians offers a unique word for marriage – Ho’ao. The meanings of this word are:

To experience a partnership, to take care of, and to teach, and to illuminate and bring the light of spiritual insight to all problems and challenges. May your marriage in the spirit of “Ho’ao” continually reflect the light of truth, honor, respect, and unconditional love.

________ and _________, in knowing you have attracted each other for spiritual purposes, to express your love for one another; you commit yourselves to building a richer relationship, in which genuine “Aloha” is your goal.

May you also feel a sense of “ohana”, a sense of family.

Your Marriage reflects your soul’s desire to continue this special journey and experience love, joy, life and growth as husband and wife. The essence of this commitment is the taking of another person in “unconditional love”….as friend, companion, lover, and trusted confidant.

Marriage symbolizes the intimate sharing of two lives— a sharing that enhances the uniqueness of each partner.

True love is selfless, faithful and most importantly, is accepting and forgiving……This is requires a great deal of courage, self-awareness and willingness.

_______ and _______, I’m going to ask that you close your eyes just for a moment and turn inward to reflect silently and meaningfully about this commitment you are making to each other, and about the special purposes for which this union has been established.

We acknowledge the presence of your Love here now, and we give thanks for the strength and harmony that lies within these two beloved friends. We see good present in your lives not only on this day, but in all the days to come… and we are grateful.